Hen’s Night
Melbourne & Sydney

Hens Night Melbourne & Sydney

When it comes to all things Hens Night, look no further than Melbourne and Sydney’s number 1 and premier male stripping and topless waitering agency, Cheeky Strippers.

We are a one stop shop when it comes to organising a Hens Night in Melbourne and Sydney including comprehensive male entertainment packages that include the hottest and sexiest male strippers to the most charming and charismatic and talented topless waiters, topless hosts and topless barmen in the city.

Our services don’t stop there. We will go above and beyond to make your Hens Night event the best ever and one to remember.

We can also organise drink and cocktail packages that range from beer, wine, shots and spirits to elaborate fancy cocktails. Our catering options include low end to high end menu’s. Transportation can be organised on your behalf that can include limo’s and Hummers that can take you to your night venue and back home at the end of the night.

The options with us are unlimited. Let us know exactly what you want and what you need and we will get it all done and organised for you, hassle and stress free.



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We can do it all!

Hassle free. Stress free. Let us do all the hard work in organising your hens night in Melbourne and Sydney so you can relax and feel at ease that everything will be organised.

We look after you.

Our male entertainers will provide such an amazing service we will refund your money if you feel dissatisfied with any part of the hens night experience. Our male strippers and topless waiters are trained to provide an entertaining and engaging event for all.

Our Promise

Male Entertainers

Our male entertainers at Melbourne and Sydney Hen’s Nights are known as triple threats. 1. They are very good looking and easy on the eye. 2. They all have athletic muscular bodies with big chests, hard rock abs and defined arms. 3. The are witty, fun, easy going and quite intelligent where they will hold a conversation that is interesting, relevant, educational and engaging and thought provoking.

Drinks and Cocktails

You think our topless waiters and hosts are just that at hens nights in Melbourne and Sydney Consider again. Our men are very talented and have been trained to make any drink or cocktail that you request as long as the ingredients are available to them. They will even go out of their way and provide you with the ingredients and drink and cocktail glasses to ensure it becomes the most memorable hens night event in Melbourne and Sydney.


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